Monday, June 28, 2010

The hard truth...

My sons are learning some hard lessons since we moved to the beach......

#1 We live AT the beach....not ON the beach.
Everyday they want to go to the beach and on the days that we do go, they act as if they are being unjustly stripped of their right to stay on the beach for as long as their hearts desire.

#2 Sunscreen is a necessary Hassle.
"Mom, I don't need sunscreen!" "Get over here or you WILL regret it later!"
You see by keeping them on the shore to slather on the SPF 50, they are being deprived of 5 extra minutes of water time.

#3 Humans CANNOT breath underwater.
"Look Mom, I can breath underwater....cough*cough*.....ok, no I can't!" (this takes place while I have a mini heart attack). No, they didn't really try it on purpose but they are learning this lesson well.

Yep, that's right....My boy is swimming right there.

Oh my, that face.